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Honored as the Most Innovative Nutraceuticals Product Developer

Honored as the Most Innovative Nutraceuticals Product Developer

We’re delighted to have received the 2021 Global Excellence Award in the category of Most Innovative Nutraceuticals Product Developer. The award was bestowed by Acquisition International Magazine[1] in recognition of the outstanding work carried out by everyone in the SIRIO/AYANDA team.

The award is also a testament to the particular standing SIRIO/AYANDA enjoys in this continually expanding market. Not only would we like to thank Acquisition International for the honor, but we are also particularly grateful to our staff for reaping this wonderful award.

Time for a new level of consciousness

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown a bright spotlight on the issue of dietary supplements. There has been a sharp rise in the need for both mental and physical wellbeing among consumers in all corners of the globe. According to an international survey conducted by Euromonitor, consumers across the board are increasingly looking for immune-boosting solutions and a holistic approach to wellbeing[2],[3]. It goes without saying that this impacts dietary supplement markets and thus also has a knock-on effect on us as a company.

This is where the innovative capabilities of SIRIO/AYANDA have a particularly important role to play. We have a strong track record of exploring product realms beyond the beaten track. We also relish every opportunity to identify new active ingredients and novel combinations of ingredients capable of promoting wellbeing and good health. Naturally, this involves investing significant time and money in R&D – but that’s necessary.

Future-ready concepts and products

Aside from the current pandemic, firms everywhere face a variety of major challenges, such as climate change and social responsibility.

Many people want to do something to save the environment and – quite rightly – expect producers to develop and offer products that are sustainable. Consumers have never been better informed than they are now, and there have never been so many different ways to investigate whether a company is simply greenwashing or really means what it says.

These are challenges we face every day, because we bear a responsibility for our environment and future generations. So this not only entails using fresh ingredients and renewable raw materials, we also run production efficiently and do everything we can to look after key resources. As a developer and producer of nutraceutical softgel and gummy, we meet the full scope of sustainability standards, affecting everything from the initial selection of raw materials to packaging and delivery to clients.

Of course there is still so much to do to complete our journey, so obviously we remain committed to the development of innovative products and resource-saving technology. Also, we enjoy welcoming new co-workers on board to join us on this journey.

  • [1] The Global Excellence Awards are bestowed by Acquisition International, the online magazine published by AI Global Media
  • [2] Cf.
  • [3] Cf. also

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