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Softgel capsules are a popular and effective format for dietary supplements for several reasons, including bioavailability, easy swallowing, masking unpleasant taste and odor, customization and versatility, And let’s not forget consumer perception: Softgel capsules are often associated with a higher quality and more premium image than some other supplement forms.

Softgel categories

Discover our Softgel products. We manufacture nutritional dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products in soft gelatine and plant-based capsules using advanced and complex formulation and state-of-the-art production technologies.

Nutraceutical Softgel

Our nutraceutical softgels offer a convenient and effective way to incorporate essential nutrients into your daily wellness routine. Enriched with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, each softgel is a powerhouse of nourishment, ensuring you get the nutrients you need for a vibrant life.

  • Large Capacity with manufacturing sites in Europe, USA and China
  • Strong strength in custom-made, complex formulations

Plantegrity™ Vegan Softgel

Experience the future of plant-based wellness with our revolutionary PlantegrityTM Vegan Softgels. Delicately crafted to harness the power of nature, these softgels provide a pure, ethical, and effective way to support your health journey.

  • Carrageenan free shell option
  • A wide range of Ready-to-develop formulations

Pharmaceutical Softgel

As a pharmaceutical softgel manufacturer we are experienced in transfers and developments. Please contact us for further discussions and establishing an individual development plan.

  • Plus Vitamins
  • Plus Fibre
  • Plus Antioxidants

Probiotic and Omega 3 Softgel

A perfect combination: Bifidobacteria, Omega 3 and Vitamin D. Suited for many consumers: Starting with prenatal children and their mothers to adults, thoughtful of preserving vitality, vascular health and immunity.

  • Clinical studies with Bifidobacteria show advantageous effects in the gastrointestinal area and the immune system. Emerging evidence supports probiotics positive effects on the gut-brain axis.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA) offer well documented health benefits related to cardiovascular health, brain function and vision.
  • Vitamin D promotes epithelial cell integrity, beneficial for microbiome and contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Enteric Softgel

Enteric softgels are especially suited for fish oil supplements. The enteric gelantine shell itself has equal properties to coated capsules.

  • Enables delayed release of the food supplement until passage form the stomach into the intestine
  • Protects the supplement from the gastric enviroment.
  • No extra coating step is needed – clean label

Top-level benefits

Through decades of pharmaceutical experience and softgel studies, our scientists make sure all our softgels meet the highest standards.

product quality

Premium / Uniform / Flexible / High bioavailability

  • Premium / Uniform / Flexible / High bioavailability
  • Flexible and complex formulations
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Enhanced efficacy and absorption
  • High bioavailability
  • Protected from oxidation and degradation
  • Excellent dose uniformity
  • Wide choices of size, colour, shape

Custom made

Are you looking for vegan, allergy-friendly, kosher or halal products? We can help you, as well in all imaginable sizes, shapes, forms and formulas. With many shell, dietary and sustainability options, let us support you to create a softgel for your target consumer.


Gelatine options / Complex Formulations / Dietary options / Shapes and Colours

Shell options

  • Bovine or fish gelatine option
  • Carageenan free vegan option

Dietary Options

  • Sugar free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Soy free
  • Allergen free
  • Halal or Kosher options
  • Vegetarian
  • Non-GMO

Softgel options

Softgels are available in multiple sizes, shapes and colours. Our experts can work with you to find the best appearance for your product.

Round Round
Pearlescent Pearlescent
Twist-off Twist-off
Bi-coloured Bi-coloured
Transparent Transparent
Oblong Oblong
Oval Oval
Semi-transparent Semi-transparent

Softgel Packaging

From package development to full commercial scale packaging, our state-of-the-art packaging facilities bring value and flexibility for our customers’ supply chains.

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Unleash the power of professional packaging with our Softgel Blister Packaging. Designed to safeguard your products and enhance their visual appeal, it’s the perfect solution for showcasing your brand’s excellence.


Engineered for stability and wrapped in a premium design, it’s the ultimate choice to preserve your softgels’ quality.

Customize and create your own softgel supplement

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Why Sirio?

As one of Europe’s leading softgel manufacturer, we are experts in handling complex formulations and offer both existing formulas and tailored concepts.

We support the food supplement, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and related businesses, by manufacturing nutritional dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products in soft gelatine and plant-based capsules using advanced and complex formulation and state-of-the-art production technologies. We also have extensive internal expertise and experience to seamlessly transfer your product to full-scale production and into finished product.


We improve your formulation thanks to our unrivalled R&D know-how.


We guarantee product quality and safety through our comprehensive quality control systems.


We offer delicious dosage forms that fit with consumers’ sensory preferences.


We respond quickly to trends to take your products to market, faster.


We guarantee product quality and safety through our comprehensive quality control systems

“SIRIO has been our long-standing partner for producing our softgels in their GMP- certified Ayanda Manufacturing facility in Germany. The high quality, service levels and guarantee of supply is why we work together for so many years.”

– Thomas Wenzel, Managing Director, PG-Naturpharma GmbH