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SIRIO launches personalised women’s health platform at Vitafoods Europe

New ready-to-launch formulation range features premium branded ingredients, and targets issues as diverse as PMS, fertility, prenatal & postnatal care and menopause wellbeing.

19/03/24, SIRIO Pharma (SIRIO) – the global nutraceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) – is launching an entire women’s health platform at Vitafoods Europe. The new 25 formulation-strong portfolio is personalized to women’s health needs and life stages with products covering puberty to post menopause.

Sirio utilized its global R&D capabilities to simultaneously introduce the comprehensive and premium range, with products supported by branded ingredients, consumer trends, clinical data and stability studies.

“Women’s health focused on individual life stage is the big trend of 2024. Our team researched this early to undertake all the complex formulation options, science and segmenting of product types. Essentially, we have done the hard work so that our nutraceutical brand partners can launch more quickly to market with first-in-class products,”

commented Sara Lesina, General Manager Sirio Europe & Americas.

Three of the star-products will be on display at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva (14-16 May, 2024). These include a first-to-the market “MenoBalance” Gummy, which utilizes Novasoy®, a type of soy isoflavone from ADM. This is the first time Novasoy® has been successfully delivered in a gummy. In terms of science, existing evidence shows that soy isoflavones may reduce the number and frequency of hot flashes and may help maintain healthy bones following the transition into menopause.

This innovative formulation represents a pioneering achievement, as it’s the first time Novasoy®, a science-backed ingredient, has been successfully delivered in a gummy, promising functional benefits and pleasure in every bite.

Paula Limena, VP of Global Marketing – Health & Wellness at ADM comments:

“We are excited to partner with Sirio, combining their exceptional gummy manufacturing capabilities with our expertise in science-backed ingredients. This collaboration enables us to create truly unique concepts, offering customers and consumers innovative and quality products that deliver on both taste and nutrition.”

ADM is a global leader in human nutrition with over 50 pre-clinical and human clinical studies ongoing, helping bring innovative, tailored offerings to market, uncovering untapped opportunities to meet the wellness goals of tomorrow’s consumer.

Additionally, post-natal and pre-natal formulations with branded ingredients from KD Nutra and Gnosis by Lesaffre respectively will also be showcased. The “Me&Mum” post-natal softgel is an all-in-one concept – featuring a complex formulation including DHA, vitamins and minerals, and herbal extracts that help with hormonal hair loss, delivered in one convenient and easy-to-swallow softgel capsule. The InnoFolate prenatal softgel, featuring Sirio’s vegan PlantegrityTM technology, is a prenatal formulation powered by Quatrefolic® from Gnosis by Lesaffre – shown to help maintain folate levels during pregnancy – and combines an essential nutrient mix including DHA.

Lesina added:

“We are constantly developing complex formulations made using the highest quality ingredients with the strongest evidence base, bioavailability and efficacy. It’s also why we are continuously bringing in branded ingredient partners our newest concepts. Working with only elite players in the industry, so that our customers have the best-in-class nutra products for all the consumers who need them – as their ‘brand is truly our business’.”

The latest branded ingredient partnerships build on the recent Cargill-powered Epicor® Gummy and are part of a wider strategy at Sirio to help its partners focus on delivering premium products with strongest base of scientific evidence in proven, market-ready applications that stand out in a competitive supplements’ market.

According to Euromonitor1 research, female consumers are taking a holistic approach to address their well-being, with over one third preferring nutritional supplements and increasingly searching out better targeted formulations for specific life stages.

Sirio’s new full product line includes both gummies and softgels, spanning general women’s health products like menstrual care, UTI protection, gut health (pre and post biotics), sleep health and weight management.
Additionally, the range also caters to specific life stages and individual health concerns with specially formulated products for fertility, morning sickness [during pregnancy], prenatal care, postnatal symptoms and health – including improved energy, hair loss, fatigue, and brain fog – and a range of menopausal softgels and gummies.

Additionally, many of the products in the Sirio’s women’s health platform also feature its PlantegrityTM technology – vegetarian and carrageenan free – as well as pectin-based gummies in a variety of non-sugar or naturally sweetened solutions.


1Euromonitor: Transforming Women’s Health Empowering Women Through the Life Cycle, 2023

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