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Women’s Health

Women’s health supplements have been witnessing tremendous growth across the world. Women are taking a holistic approach to address their well-being. Over one-third prefer nutritional supplements, suggesting a preference for preventative and lifestyle solutions over medication.

The most popular dosage forms are capsules, tablets and drinks. However, new formats are quickly taking the stage as the fastest-growing product launches. For women, factors such as convenience, ease of use and pleasant taste are becoming ever more important drivers in shaping supplement choices.

Enter the Gummy!

The most-loveable nutraceutical format around. As SIRIO we have been manufacturing nutraceutical gummies for more than 16 years. For our Women’s Health catalogue, we partnered with some of the world’s leading ingredient manufacturers and created bespoke formulations with science- backed nutrients in delicious gummies.

And there’s the softgel.

As consumer-preferred dosage format, softgels boast high bioavailability, carry a high payload of active ingredients, and are easy-to-swallow. At SIRIO, you can find them in different formats: “classic”, vegan & carrageenan free, enteric or organic. We have them all.

Consumer needs and trends

Women’s healthcare adapts throughout the life journey, recognizing the varied requirements during key life stages—from puberty and fertility to menopause and beyond. At SIRIO we craft premium dosage solutions tailored to women’s health needs across the life journey.


With a commitment to excellence and decades of expertise, we pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing high-quality products that support women throughout their diverse health stages.


From adolescence to menopause and beyond, our dedication to innovation and precision ensures that every product we create meets the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and reliability.

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Products for the women’s health sector


The world of nutraceutical gummies is redefining women’s health. Our carefully formulated gummies offer a convenient and enjoyable way to support women’s health goals, whether it’s supporting them during PMS with mood enhancing nutrients such as mushroom extracts, providing prenatal nutrition, or menopause care.


Win the women’s health supplements category with our premium softgel capsules, meticulously crafted to deliver targeted benefits tailored to women’s unique needs. From vegan and organic to everyday essentials, discover our big range.

Women’s health catalogue

With more than 20 ready-to-launch concepts, it contains unique formulations to help you stand out and win with women in the supplements market. It includes collaborations with ingredients from ADM, KD-Nutra and Gnosis by Lesaffre.

Download the SIRIO Women’s Health catalogue

Unlock market insights and get to market faster with our ready-to-launch concepts.


NEW! White paper: Ready-to-launch Women’s Health concepts to help you win in the market.

Addressing the so-called ‘gender health gap’ is vital to support the health needs of women and presents a distinct opportunity for brands.

In collaboration with Vitafoods Insights, we drafted a new white paper. It describes how tailored supplement concepts can help brands differentiate in this rapidly expanding space, while supporting women through the life stages on their health and wellness journey.

Download the Women’s Health whitepaper to discover:
  • Key market statistics surrounding the Women’s Health supplements market in Europe.
  • Data around gummies and softgels – the most swiftly expanding and most popular delivery formats.
  • The specific and shifting health needs of women as they advance through life stages – from pre-puberty to post-menopause.
  • Market-ready, scientifically backed product concepts to support menstrual health, fertility, pregnancy (pre- and post-natal), and menopausal health.

Webinar: Elevating women’s health through nutrition innovation

Explore the latest consumer trends shaping the industry, gain insights into the specific expectations women have from their supplements, and uncover the faster-growing subcategories.

Watch our webinar with Nutrition Insight, featuring speakers from Innova, the Industry Transparency Center, ADM, Gnosis and KD- Nutra. Watch it here.

Why Sirio
for Women’s Health?

SIRIO, as a leading CDMO, stands out as the optimal partner for providing comprehensive solutions in women’s health.


With a distinguished track record spanning decades, our expertise in nutraceutical development and manufacturing is matched only by our commitment to innovation and quality as demonstrated by our industry collaborations and ready-to-launch concepts.


We improve your formulation thanks to our unrivalled R&D know-how.


We guarantee product quality and safety through our comprehensive quality control systems.


We offer delicious dosage forms that fit with consumers’ sensory preferences.


We respond quickly to trends to take your products to market.


We guarantee product quality and safety through our comprehensive quality control systems.

Customize and create your own
Women’s Health supplement.

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