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Delivery format trends for joint health supplements

The Evolution of Delivery Formats


In the realm of joint health supplements, consumers have long been accustomed to powders and capsules as their primary choices. These formats have served their purpose well, but they often come with certain challenges. Bulky powders can be inconvenient to measure and mix, while capsules may be difficult to swallow for some individuals. Moreover, to drive growth, the category needs continuous innovations, especially as new generations of consumers are aging and entering the realm of joints as a health concern (such as the older millennials). To add to that it is also important to be aware that joint health has evolved into a growing consideration for various groups, as they emphasize well-being and vitality within their active lifestyles and it is no longer limited to just the senior demographic.

Recognizing these shifts, the industry has begun to embrace alternative delivery formats that offer superior convenience and efficacy to appeal to new target groups and recruit new consumers into the category. Gummies have gained immense popularity due to their palatability, ease of consumption, and potential to encapsulate a wide array of beneficial nutrients.


The Science Behind Nutraceutical Gummies


The challenge with manufacturing nutraceutical gummies lies in ensuring that the ingredients remain bioavailable and effective throughout the shelf life of the product, all while tasting delicious.

It is a delicate balance of formulation, processing, and packaging. Key considerations include the selection of active ingredients, stability of these ingredients, and the overall nutritional profile. Gummies must be carefully formulated to accommodate the bioavailability requirements of joint health supplements, ensuring that the nutrients are effectively absorbed by the body.


At Sirio, we were one of the first manufacturers of nutraceutical gummies 15 years ago. We have the experience it takes to make the perfect, delicious gummy. We also have bioavailability studies that prove the key nutrients remain present and work until the end of the product’s shelf life. Our quality certificates additionally guarantee peace of mind for brands. To add to that we have 3 flavorists in house working full time on flavor profiles in gummies. We ensure that taste and efficacy go together very well indeed.


Trending Gummy Joint Formulations


Nutraceutical gummy is the vehicle, but what should it deliver? Below are some of our hottest ready-to-launch formulations:


1. Collagen gummies: Collagen, a protein crucial for joint elasticity and cartilage health, has gained considerable attention in recent years. But not all collagens are the same. At Vitafoods this year, we launched Jumping Jacks™, a gummy offering a high payload of UC-II collagen from Lonza, enriched with vitamin C. This innovation ensures that consumers only need one gummy per day to cover their collagen needs. Bye bye bulky supplements and hello convenience!


2. Turmeric and ginger gummies: The turmeric is a well-known ally to relieve muscles and joint pain, and the combination with ginger effectively compounds its anti-inflammatory properties. This was hands down our team’s and Vitafoods visitors favorite gummy this year!


3. Omega-3 gummies: Omega-3 fatty acids, known for their anti-inflammatory effects, play a vital role in maintaining joint health. Gummies fortified with omega-3s offer a tasty alternative to traditional fish oil supplements, catering to those looking to soothe joint discomfort.


4. Multivitamin gummies for comprehensive joint support: Comprehensive joint health requires a holistic approach. Multivitamin gummies that combine joint-specific nutrients with other essential vitamins and minerals provide a well-rounded solution for individuals seeking overall joint well-being.


Download our ready-to-lauch sports nutrition catalogue


For more joint health and sports nutrition ready-to-launch formulations, download our catalogue here: If you would like to taste any of our gummies mentioned in this article or in our catalogue, just send us an email at and ask for your sample!

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