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Research and development

At Sirio Europe, innovation is a key value and in the heart of everything that we do. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver high quality solutions for our clients and we work closely together with them to make sure they get winning concepts. That is why we have 200+ professional full-time R&D associates that work for us in our three R&D centres, dedicated to different disciplines ensuring that we cover every aspect of nutraceutical development and beyond.

Unmatched expertise

Across the SIRIO Group, you will meet trailblazing experts with an unparalleled ability to think like brand owners. With specialisms ranging from product development and sales to chemistry and nutrition, our experts are all equipped with excellent knowledge of the different marketplaces in which you operate.

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Our R&D disciplines

For us, just being good at manufacturing is simply not enough – we believe innovation is the key to our clients’ success. For over 25 years, SIRIO’s innovative product design has gone hand-in-hand with a broad commercial understanding that in changing markets, our clients need to keep reinventing their portfolios and products to meet their end-user’s needs.
100+ professional full-time R&D associates work for us in our three R&D centres. Our associates are ready to support you in their specialist disciplines including dosage form research, product development, project management and packaging technology.


Ingredients research

Our dedicated team of experts is at the forefront of exploring and discovering new ingredients, ensuring that we create products that are not only innovative but also of the highest quality.


Consumer insights and market research

We understand that a deep understanding of consumer preferences is key to success. Our consumer insights and market research methodologies allow us to deliver products to our customers that resonate with consumers.


Formulation and product development

Innovation starts with the right formulation. Our R&D team is experienced in creating winning formulations that set the bar high in terms of quality and effectiveness.


Lab scale prototyping

Precision is vital. We meticulously prototype products, fine-tuning every detail to ensure the final product meets the highest standards.


Analytical method development

Data-driven decisions are the backbone of our R&D process. We develop robust analytical methods to evaluate products.


Sensory evaluation

We pay careful attention to the sensory aspects of our products, ensuring they not only meet technical criteria but also provide a delightful experience for consumers.


Stability testing

Our rigorous stability testing ensures that our products maintain their integrity throughout their shelf life.

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