Vitamin D – 1 Cent per day

Vitamin D is known to enhance the immune system and to contribute to the maintenance of normal muscle and cardiovascular function [1]. New findings are emerging of potential additional benefits of vitamin D. Even though larger scale trials are needed, a growing number of studies seem to show a protective effect of vitamin D against severe forms of COVID-19. This winter the UK is offering supply of vitamin D for high-risk persons from coronavirus for free [2]. Six French scientific associations also urge for vitamin D supplementation [3].The German Cancer Research Center recently submitted a paper, showing that vitamin D supplementation led to a significant reduction of cancer mortality [4].Vitamin D is also popular with consumers. Dutch consumers voted vitamin D as supplement of the year 2021 [5]. Vitamin D softgels are affordable: One softgel of 1000 IU of vitamin D3 costs 1 cent per day (bulk)!

Quality counts: Let’s talk about our vitamin D softgels made in Germany.

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